New Super Strength Flu Shot
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2018-19 Flu Shots are Here!! New Shingles vaccine Shingrix now available! Sick today? Be seen today! Call 352-259-1991! Medicare, Blue Cross, United Health Care, Humana PPO, Medicare Advantage PPO's Accepted. Walk-ins welcome.
Dr. Vivian J. Woodard
Vivian J. Woodard, M.D.
Board certified in Internal Medicine
B.A. degree from Harvard College, cum laude
M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School
Residency at UCLA Center for Health Sciences


A Heartfelt Letter to Traditional Medicare Patients

High-Dose Fluzone Flu Vaccine
High-Dose Fluzone
Flu Vaccine

Shingles Vaccine


What our patients are writing to us…

Dear Dr. Woodard,

Thank you so much for making time in your busy schedule to see my dear friend ___ (name withheld due to confidentiality).
You are an incredible blessing; an extremely knowledgeable and caring doctor.
I am blessed to be one of your patients. ____ told me you made her feel at ease immediately and she knew you would help her.
God blessed you with the gift of healing, thank you for sharing that gift.

Linda Clarke 


Emmanuel Christian Health Center is a private practice operated by Vivian J. Woodard, M.D. and her staff. The practice offers a variety of health care services to patients in Lady Lake, Florida.

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