Frequently Asked Questions

Which insurance do you accept?

At present, we accept Medicare B, Blue Cross, Humana commercial PPO, Humana Medicare PPO, Cigna, United Health Care, and AVMed. If you have an insurance not listed check with the Billing department at (352) 430-0262.

Is it possible to see the doctor for an unexpected illness without an appointment?

Yes. Please call ahead so we can assess your problem. You will then be offered a time to arrive to be worked into our schedule. You may be seen by Dr. Woodard or Dr. Munroe depending on the schedule. There may be a wait as we work you in between scheduled appointments.

Do you accept Medicare Advantage or other Medicare replacement plans?

We accept United Healthcare PPO (we are out of network your copay may be higher), Humana PPO and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and HMO Medicare Advantage plans.

We do not accept Freedom or Optimum HMO’s.

What hospital does Dr. Woodard go to?

Dr. Woodard no longer makes hospital rounds. Our practice maintains arrangements with other Internal Medicine physicians (called hospitalists) who specialize in hospital care. In an emergency go to the hospital nearest your home. If you need to be admitted to the Villages Hospital or LRMC give Dr. Woodard’s name and they will contact the hospitalist who covers for her.

Will you verify my insurance coverage before my visit?

Yes. We do verify your coverage, deductibles and copays just prior to your visit. Any payment requested at your visit is based on the information we receive from your insurance carrier’s representative. Should you have questions or disputes about the amounts you are responsible for, please direct those inquires to your insurance company for clarification. There are many different plans offered and time does not allow us to research and explain your particular plan. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand your policy, limitations, and coverage.

If you do not participate with my insurance, will I have to pay for my office visit?

Yes. You are expected to pay at the time of your visit, but we will gladly provide the necessary documentation so that you may file for reimbursement from you insurance company.

Can I get a flu or pneumonia vaccination in the office without an appointment?


What about the Flu Shot Clinics I’ve heard about? Do I need an appointment?

No. For most of our clinics you may walk in. Call ahead to check flu shot clinic hours.

Is Emmanuel Christian Health Center an Urgent Care Facility?

No. Our offices are not considered urgent care facilities; therefore, your primary care co-pays and deductibles would apply.

How can I get a refill on my medications?

If you are currently a patient of Dr. Woodard’s practice, please ask for sufficient refills during your regular office visits. If you need refills between visits, ask your pharmacist to FAX us your refill request at least 2 business days BEFORE you will need the medication. Refill of medications (from other doctors) which have never been prescribed for you by our office require a visit. If your pharmacist cannot fax your request you will be asked to come in person to refill your prescription. An office visit charge may apply for this service, and co-pays or deductibles will apply.

Can I phone the office for a refill of my prescriptions?

No. We ask that you not call the office about prescriptions as this may lead to medication errors. Details on how to obtain refills are explained elsewhere in the frequently asked questions.

Can I call during office hours to speak to the doctor?

No. During office hours our priority is seeing the patients who are present in the office. If you call us during office hours, your call will be handled by a staff member who can take a message and consult with the doctor about your questions and call you back. Unless urgent, most calls are returned within two business days.

I use a mail-order pharmacy so how do I get a refill?

Again we encourage you to get sufficient refills during your regular office visit. In between visits, requests for written prescriptions for mail-order pharmacy refills may be made in person during regular business hours. Please bring your medicine bottles or a current and accurate list of your medicines with dosages when making your request. An office visit charge may apply for this service, and co-pays or deductibles will apply.

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