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Our mission at Emmanuel Christian Health Center is to glorify God through providing excellent health care. When the Lord gave Dr. Vivian Woodard our original office in 1989, she prayed and asked God what she should name it. The answer was given through a verse from the Bible: “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us” (Matthew 1:23). Our name "Emmanuel" is a daily reminder that God is with us in our practice, and has been with us from the very start. God’s constant help enables us to give a level of service far beyond our human limitations.

The term “Christian” in our practice name reflects our commitment to be a representation of Jesus Christ in the way we treat others. Although most of our staff are Christians, we welcome patients from a diversity of social, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The vision of Emmanuel Christian Health Center is to meet the needs of the people in every location where God sends us. Each of the four practice locations we have operated was opened in response to the needs in a particular service area at a particular period of time.

Our God-given vision also causes us to undertake some projects beyond the scope of a typical doctor’s office. For example we began offering flu shots to the general public many years ago because vaccine shortages and other circumstances made it hard for those in our surrounding community to obtain these needed vaccinations. As an extension of this outreach we traveled outside our offices to give flu shots in nearby retirement communities, RV parks, churches and drug stores. Our flu shot program has grown to be a major part of our practice providing a dependable worry-free source of flu and pneumonia shots for our “flu shot patients” who look to us each year for this needed service.

Many years ago the Lord impressed Dr. Woodard that people need a doctor most when they have a sudden unexpected illness. At the time she was operating with a full schedule and a practice that was closed to new patients. As Jesus said, "{It is} not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick." So although it is a challenge to see “walk-ins” and see scheduled patients in a timely manner, in each of our offices we now welcome those who are sick to “walk-in” for treatment of acute illness. We simply ask that when possible they call ahead of coming in, allowing us to triage their problem and minimize the impact of their “sick visit” on our scheduled patients. We also open our practice schedule each fall and winter to seasonal residents (“snowbirds”) who have a need for ongoing health care but have no local doctor.

A Villages resident who had traveled to our Clermont office to receive care for six years asked Dr. Woodard to open a satellite office in Lady Lake. As she prayed about this request, God showed Dr. Woodard that there was a need for a faithful Internal Medicine practice to care for the growing population of retirees in the Lady Lake/Villages area. So in November 1995, Dr. Woodard scaled back her busy Clermont practice and opened our second office in Lady Lake.

With the establishment of our Orlando office in 2002, God gave us the privilege of caring for a large population of recent immigrants to the U.S. who were mostly unfamiliar with the American health care system. We endeavored to give these patients the same excellent care we provide others, in a context that showed respect for their cultural and language diversity.

Our practice briefly operated a satellite office for the residents of Four Corners/South Clermont from December 2003 until God released us from that assignment in January 2006. In February 2007 God led Dr. Woodard to close our original Clermont office, leaving Emmanuel Christian Health Center with only two practice locations (Lady Lake and Orlando). In February 2011 we closed the Orlando office and this “final downsizing” allows Dr. Woodard to now concentrate all her professional efforts on an area dear to her heart: the care of the aging adult.

In August 2012 the Lord blessed our practice with the addition of experienced internist, Courtland L. Munroe, M.D. Dr. Munroe's expertise, compassion and wisdom have proved invaluable to our practice as we seek to fulfill our mission of glorifying God through providing excellence in healthcare. Dr. Munroe retired effective 12/21/17. We are grateful for all his contributions to our practice.

In every location where God has placed the Emmanuel Christian Health Center, He has used us as "His Hands extended" to meet the health care needs of those around us. God has given us His love to share with the special and very diverse groups of people we call "our patients". We thank the Lord that He would entrust us with such a rewarding work for His Kingdom.

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